What to Do If Your Office Always Look Dirty

Is your office cleaning as effective as you would like? Maintaining a clean office affects the success of your company. Hardly anyone wants to work somewhere where the floor is never swept, and there is dust on the desks and a layer of grime coating every surface. A dirty working environment could soon become a health hazard. Even if the dirt doesn't get that bad, it is unpleasant for your team, and potentially disastrous if you need to bring clients into the office, and they notice the appearance of the premises. [Read More]

Does Your Ductwork Need Cleaning?

If you are experiencing problems with the air quality in your home or business premises, then there are a variety of possible causes that you will want to consider. One of the most likely candidates is dirty or contaminated ductwork. Keeping your ductwork clean is the best way to help ensure that the air in your building remains safe and healthy for everyone who uses the premises. When you want to clean your ductwork, it is vital that you find a reputable company who are able to clean your ductwork to the correct standard since poorly maintained ductwork can present a serious health hazard once a microbiological infection is allowed to take hold. [Read More]